Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are Having A Wedding In May

I have been a way for a little while. I have had alot of things come up this past month. My oldest son has told me he plans to get married in May.  WOW you talk about a shock we were shocked.   My oldest son is 27 years old I cant imagaine him being married.  He will always be my little boy he was a good baby and kid.  He did not get into trouble.  He has a kind heart and would not hurt anyone. I feel like Robert DeNiro in the movie Meet the Parents.  He has his circle of trust, I have that circle, now our family circle will be expanding. 

Below is a picture of me and my 2 boys back in late 80's or 90's.  My oldest is Oscar the Grouch. How time has flown by.  I miss having them home, they are both living  on their own the only one at home now is my daughter. 
I just wanted to share that little tid bit
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