Friday, February 11, 2011

More Snow Picture

Well the South has had its fair share of snow this winter. The kids have ran out of snow days and are makings school days.  My daughter was out of school this past Thursday and Friday she has to go to school Monday (Presidents Day).    I wish I had the day off I would love to go shopping, but oh well I am not.  This past Wednesday I left work a little early, due to snow, it had just started snowing little flakes when I left work. My husband had been calling me for the past hour to leave because it was snowing  and accumalating on the roads.  Where I live I have plenty of hills to go up and down.   The roads were already begining to ice up. I got lucky and it only took me a hour half to get home.  
Here are a few pictures I took on my way home from work.   I realized when I was half way home I had my small pocket camera so I pulled it out and took a few shots.

This little birdie was on my fence in my back yard just outside my bedroom window he looked so cute fluffed up.

well thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.

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