Friday, April 30, 2010

Blue Bird Bring Food to her babies

Happy Friday Evening,
So glad its the weekend, not sure what this weekend will hold for us here, we are suppose to have bad storms Saturday and Sunday.  I had planned on going to event the Wilson County Humane Association is having tomorrow, my daughter and I go every year but I am  not sure what the weather will hold out. Earlier in the evening I was in my back yard and took pictures of the Blue Bird who laid eggs in one of my birdhouses she was bringing dinner to her babies.

And I thought I would throw in a picture of my dog Isabelle, she is the sweetest baby she is a spoiled Diva
Have a nice evening and enjoy your weekend.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Blue Birds

Happy Monday,
I wanted to share the pictures I took yesterday evening of new babies in my bird house.  A picture of what they look like before they hatched. 
Momma sitting on her nest. she is looking right at me.
They are adorable all 5 of them hatched.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cardinal Eggs

In the picture above I found these cardinal eggs in my back yard and you will also see where one of the egges have hatched.

Momma bird is waiting for me to leave so she can get close to her baby. I think these birds are so pretty I am still trying to catch the perfect Cardinal shot. Maybe one day I will get lucky.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Gods Beautiful Creatures

My daughter loves horses, I thought I would take picutres of these horses, I think these are one of Gods beautiful creatues he created.  She would love to have a horse. I told her if we every hit the lottery we would get her a couple of horses.  Horses are beautiful animals these horses were very friendly and did not want us to leave since we were feeding them grass.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I thought I would take a picture of a pretty sunset we had today. 
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I wanted to create a blog of photos I take around my back yard or whenever I am out with my family. I am a amature when it comes to taking pictures.  I would like to take a camera class but I am not sure if I would have the time.  I love to take pictures of birds, flowers, anytype of animal (especially my dogs). I have 2 yorkies. I had a Nikon D60 it used film  (not sure if this the correct model). The curtain in the camera was not working correctly and I had it looked at Wolfe The lady told me it would cost more to fix I would be better off  buying a new camera.When I first got my dog Isabelle in 2004 I did not have a digital camera  I took alot of pictures of her with small camera that used film, and they were not as good. I did not have alot of knowledge of  digital photography. I did a little research and invested into a Kodak (bridge camera), it did the job for a while. I got my 2nd yorkie Gabby 2 years later,  many pictures were taken of her  but the quality was not as good. I went on a trip to Washington DC with my daughters class, and my Kodak camera went with me I was very disapointed that my camera did not capture alot of good pictures. I had quite a bit of blurry pictures.  This is when I decided to save my money and get me a new camera.  I ended up buying the Nikon D90, I love this camera. I was going on another trip to Ashville, NC to see the Biltmore and I was not about to miss out on great photos.  I was not disapointed I love my Nikon.  I like to make cards and scrap when I get a chance, I  use my camera to take pictures of my cards, layouts, and mini albums I make.

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