Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I wanted to create a blog of photos I take around my back yard or whenever I am out with my family. I am a amature when it comes to taking pictures.  I would like to take a camera class but I am not sure if I would have the time.  I love to take pictures of birds, flowers, anytype of animal (especially my dogs). I have 2 yorkies. I had a Nikon D60 it used film  (not sure if this the correct model). The curtain in the camera was not working correctly and I had it looked at Wolfe The lady told me it would cost more to fix I would be better off  buying a new camera.When I first got my dog Isabelle in 2004 I did not have a digital camera  I took alot of pictures of her with small camera that used film, and they were not as good. I did not have alot of knowledge of  digital photography. I did a little research and invested into a Kodak (bridge camera), it did the job for a while. I got my 2nd yorkie Gabby 2 years later,  many pictures were taken of her  but the quality was not as good. I went on a trip to Washington DC with my daughters class, and my Kodak camera went with me I was very disapointed that my camera did not capture alot of good pictures. I had quite a bit of blurry pictures.  This is when I decided to save my money and get me a new camera.  I ended up buying the Nikon D90, I love this camera. I was going on another trip to Ashville, NC to see the Biltmore and I was not about to miss out on great photos.  I was not disapointed I love my Nikon.  I like to make cards and scrap when I get a chance, I  use my camera to take pictures of my cards, layouts, and mini albums I make.

Thanks for stopping by if yu have comments or advise, you can leave them.

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