Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Days

I am so bad I have not been keeping up with this blog.  I feel this year will be a challenge for me, workwise and personal life.  Sometimes my life is moving way to fast, and out of control sometimes.  Luckily we have had snow and it has finally melted but now they are calling for more snow for us this Thursday they are calling for 1-2 inches.  That is ok with me as long as I am able to get work.  I had to be out a couple of days due to weather and doctors appointments. It has put me behind in my work so I have to play catch up.  
On the day I was off we went out to play in the snow it was really pretty. My Daughter and I went riding on our go cart and let me tell you it was cold, I was not really prepared to go riding. I just went outside to take snapshots well that turned into lets ride.  I only had a sweatshirt and thin jogging pants.  But it was really pretty

Well Thank You for stopping by hope you have a wonderful day!

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