Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Time

Hi everyone I am so bad I have not blogged in a while I have been busy with getting ready for the holidays, I had told myself I need to make time to blog.  So today I decided I would make time. This time last year I was sad because my son was not home for Christmas he was in Iraq.  That was really hard on me, especially when he first left I could not focus on work I cried sometimes on my way to work, I looked forward to getting emails or phone calls from him. it got a little better as time went on but I kept up with news in the middle east.  But knowing he was over there was hard I wanted him back in the USA.  Well this year he is coming home for Christmas and I am so looking forward to having all of my kids home for Christmas.

  Its been cold here in TN and have had snow flurries and it is really got me into the holiday shopping.  I thought I would share a few pictures of Christmas at my house. The picture below is our Christmas Tree in our family room along with my huge Santa I love him, he is so life like I did not go all out in decorating like I usually do. I thought I would put him in our family room so we can enjoy him more. Last year I had him in the foyer.  When I would get up early in the morning to wake my daughter for school I  had to remind myself Santa is in the corner its not a person. 
Below is are Cardinals I have on my mantel in my living room.  I love Cardinals I keep them out all year. I love beautiful red they have on them. 

This is our other Christmas Tree we have in our living room I love Vintage Christmas and went with that theme on this tree. 
Not sure if I am going to hang our stockings here on the mantel

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  1. Your house looks beautiful! I love your "big" Santa! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!