Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cardinals

Good Day, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas, I love this time of the year the hustle and bustle. It can wear you out. I have been on the go since last Friday, with finishing up Christmas card, wrapping and shopping. 

I love Cardinals they are such pretty birds.  Red is my favorite color and the different color of red that are on the male Cardinals they are beautiful.  I am amazed when I see animals and how God has come up with colors and different types of animals, he is amazing.   I would love to get up real close and capture a picture of one.  I will need to get a good lens for that or be camoflauged so I can get close of enough to them.  I have some Cardinals I bought at Joanns a couple of Christmas ago that I leave out on my mantle at home I thought I would post a picture of them
Here is one picture I got up close to one only because the baby was trying to fly the coop  and his dad was close by see the dad below
and here is the baby he or she was so cute can you see the red in the feathers
Thank You for stopping by Have A Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. vicky! what a cool photo!
    keep on shooting and chasing God.
    nikonsniper steve