Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Humming Bird

I found this poor little humming bird in my garage on Sunday, I had went to go get a coke out of our coke machine. I noticed my dog Isabelle was looking up and did not want to leave. She would look up and then look at me with this look on her face like dont you see it?  when I looked up I saw this poor humming bird in flying around the garage trying to find his way out.  We had our garage doors open, it was so hot in there.

I went and grabbed my camera to get pictures of him.  I had my daughter come out and help me we got the broom to get him on the bristles so he could latch on and we can carry him outside he stayed there for few seconds before he flew away.
Thank Goodness Isabelle saw him or he would have probably died from exhaustion trying to find a way to get out.
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  1. What great pictures of the hummingbird!! They are just awesome. Poor little guy. Glad you rescued him!

  2. awe that is a cute story well except the coke part lol (pepsi lover here).