Monday, July 26, 2010

Isabelle & Gabby

I have been busy this summer with softball tournaments, softball is keeping us busy this summer. I have not had time to toak pictures,  So I thought I would post pictures of my babies, I love my dogs, the picture below is Isabelle she is my first Yorkie that I got she is so spoiled she is a diva. She does not like taking baths, she loves to sun bathe outside, going for rides in the car,
The picture below is Gabby she is a little firecracker she is Isabelle half sister.  She loves to run and play outside chase birds, cats. She also doe not like to take baths but she is alot easier to bath she does not fight me. She does not like to share the toys. The toys that are Isabelle she claims them. When Isabelle tries to play with a toy she goes and take it from her.
I just love my angels it so hard for me to leave them when I have to go to work, but I have to remind myself I work to be able to get them the things I need and stuff they need as well.

Have a good night.

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