Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be A Sad Monday For Me

I have not posted in a while but my son has come home from 2 weeks after serving in Iraq for a year. Our family was excited to know he would return back home for a visit. He will return  to his base tomorrow. I dont want him to go back I want him to be here with us. I miss him and I worry about him as a mother naturally does.  This past weekend we had a welcome home party for him we had a wonderful time good
food, friends and family. 
The two weeks he has been here has flown by.

Today was Fathers Day, it was the first time in a long time that we had been together for Fathers Day. We took a family picture together it has been along time since we had a family picture taken together.
I will praying for him to have a safe trip. 
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  1. Hi Vicky! My son is in USMC and returned in January after two years over there. We got to see him one time in two years and it killed us! We missed him so much. Now he is stationed about four hours away and we love it! He comes home almost every weekend!

    Your son is in our prayers for a safe journey and return home!! Keep up the faith!

  2. Hi Bonibleaux
    I am so sorry I have not been a good blogger I have been swamped, and have let this blog go a bit. I am try and do better on keeping my blog up.
    I am glad to hear your son has made it back, I cant imagine 2 years that is really hard. I am happy for you that he is not that far from home. You are so fortunate to have him so close to home. I wish my son was close by, the closest army base is Ft. Campbell, the soldiers stationed there seem to frequent Iraq and Afghanistan quite a bit. I too pray for all the soldiers serving our country.
    I feel like any family that has a soldier serving in the military whether it be Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force we are one big military family.
    Thank You again,